Management Consultation and EAP Training


These programs are designed to assist managers and executives in developing effective human resource practices to manage a high performance, customer-focused workforce. Programs are customized to the organization's culture and organizational strategic objectives.


Employee Orientation Sessions and Health Fairs…

  • Understanding the Benefit and Strategic Value of Employee Assistance and Corporate Wellness Programs
  • Accessing Employee Assistance and/or Wellness Services

 Management Programs and Dialogue Sessions…

  • Employee Engagement: Creating and Maintaining a Positive Work Environment
  • Change Management: Managing and Supporting a Resilient Workforce
  • Fostering a Collaborative Work Environment: The Art of Teambuilding and Conflict Management
  • Sustaining Productivity and Performance: How to Use EAP and Wellness as a Management and Behavioral Risk Management Tool
  • Organizational Stress, Wellness and Resiliency (Managing and preventing burnout for managers)
  • Violence in the Workplace: Prevention and Assessing Threats of Violence
  • Managing Downsizing and Reduction in Workforce: Managing Risk and Providing Outplacement Services
  • Domestic Violence: Understanding and Preventing Workplace Risk
  • Talking to Employees About Sensitive Subjects
  • Substance Abuse: What to Look For and How to Manage Interventions
  • DOT Compliance Supervisory Substance Abuse Training


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