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Leading is a Challenge…  

Today the greatest leadership challenge lies not just in “doing”, but in “thinking” and “being”. This means that to achieve and maintain success, one must have a keen sense of self-awareness and development focus. Leadership development is an important step and investment in the success and continuing growth of the individual and organization.

The most successful leaders and organizations achieve results by aligning individual talent and capability with organizational strategic objectives through a highly customized individual management and executive assessment and performance coaching process.

A Customized Coaching Process Focuses on:

  • A strategic view of business context, challenges, and development priorities
  • Identifying individual core competencies and values-based strengths to leverage
  • Aligning key strengths and talents with organizational strategic objectives, work and role priorities
  • Identifying potential weaknesses and means of managing around them to contribute to business and individual success
  • Assessment of personal attributes to enhance managing stress, interpersonal skills, change, and overall health and well-being

The coaching relationship can range from an assessment and feedback process to establish a developmental plan for new leaders to supporting managers and executives in the midst of personal or business crisis.   Thus, a coaching engagement can add focus and guidance for transitioning leaders and management teams, stabilizing unique performance crises, or overcoming personal derailers to maintain personal and organizational effectiveness.

The Advantages of an Individualized Assessment and Feedback Coaching Process Include:

  • A targeted development approach that benefits the business and individual
  • Professional interpretation and feedback of assessment results
  • Evaluation and alignment of personal aspirations and role demands with the organization’s current and future business challenges and goals
  • The development and initiation of an individualized development plan to maintain motivation and accountability
  • Alignment of coaching activities with the most essential leadership skills
  • Availability of wellness coaching to support individual health and performance to maintain success and prevent burnout
  • A supportive and confidential process that engages the whole person

The management and executive assessment and coaching process is designed for individual mid level and senior level leaders as an independent development process or as a part of a leadership team.  Teambuilding may focus on achieving organizational objectives, generating creativity and innovation, or mediation and conflict resolution.

Leading is a challenge. Do you have what it takes? Imagine the possibilities and begin the journey to envision, inspire, and lead to success today.


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